When trying to decide exactly what problems will be faced to correct an orthodontic problem, we need information to make decisions. We get that information by taking diagnostic records: (recording of information about each patient using various methods such as x-rays and photographs).

So, what specifically is going to be done?

• Panoramic x-ray: a view of the entire upper and lower jaw and is taken to view the teeth, roots, nerve positions, jaw structures, joints, and locate missing or misplaced teeth. This x-ray is used for determining large feature problems.

• Cephalometric x-ray: a full side view of the face used to determine the growth direction of the face, to measure the angulations of the teeth, and to see how the upper and lower jaw relate to the face.

• Digital Photography: taken inside the mouth from various angles and clinically oriented facial photos for before and after analysis.

• Clinical data: written details on how far the teeth protrude, habits like a tongue thrust, or a hundred other variables which need to be noted to make a treatment plan.

• Preliminary treatment planning:

The Dentist will make his clinical judgment of exactly what will be done relative to the type of appliances needed.

If you are comfortable with the diagnosis and treatment plan at the time we take this information, then no formal extensive consultation will be necessary and you may elect to start treatment as soon as possible.

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer / T4k Trainer was designed to provide growing children early treatment for their developing orthodontic problems (from 6 years of age), as soon as the need for treatment is evident. Crowding and jaw discrepancies are to a great extent acquired, only a few are inherited. Habits such as mouth breathing, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking are the major causes.

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer is a 'pre-orthodontic' brace that helps to correct these habits as well as aligning the developing teeth. This will help future orthodontic treatment by making it less complex and decreasing the need for extractions.

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